• Art prints

    We offer a variety of art inspired by modern living. Our ranges include prints, printed canvas and other decorative items. Reflecting the latest trends as well as classic design styles, our art appeals to a wide customer base.

    Art and Décor
  • Wall Mirrors

    We offer a variety of stylish, modern and on-trend mirrors. Our range includes the latest design aesthetics as well as classic shapes and styles. All of our mirrors are made - and quality controlled - to the highest standards.

  • Cooler Bins

    We are a leading supplier of chilly bins / coolers to a number of international markets. Our coolers are made in India and are rigorously tested to ensure they provide up to 120 hours of cooling.

    Chilly bins (Coolers)
  • Planters

    We offer a variety of art and decor items inspired by modern living. Our decor offerings include a wide range of stylish planters and plant stands.

    Art & Decor
  • Insulated Food Containers

    In addition to our range of chilly bins, we offer a variety of insulated food containers and bottles in practical sizes and sets.

    Insulated Food Containers

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