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About Us

Sourcing quality products is easy when you work with Haunui International.  At Haunui our focus is to ensure that what you receive is exactly what you were expecting. In fact, we pride ourselves on delivering on our promises.

Haunui International provides end-to-end supply chain management for its clients across the globe.  Our Sales Team collaborates with potential clients on their requirements for manufactured goods or bulk commodities.  Haunui can source, drive product development, Quality Control and supply FOB or CIF.

We are experts in sourcing products, ensuring they have the necessary certificates and meet the quality standards required to enter their intended market. With staff on the ground in China,  Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam we conduct our own stringent in-house quality control and, can provide QC reports prior to, or with, every shipment made.

Haunui International deals with a range of products and product groups. Originally, focussed on furniture, over the years Haunui’s core business has changed to meet customer needs and the world we live in. Presently, Haunui International offers:

• Personal Protective Equipment
• Art and home décor
• Furniture
• Lighting
• Chilly bins (coolers)

Haunui Investments was founded in 1989 by Hugh Algie to serve the New Zealand consumer goods market, with products sourced from China and other Asian markets. Known for strict quality controls and working with the most ethically run factories, Haunui grew rapidly. In the early 2000’s Haunui Investments became Haunui International to better reflect the global scope of its business.

Haunui International has won numerous awards over the years including 2 of New Zealand’s most coveted industry accolades – Supplier of the Year (two-time winner) and Manufacturer of the Year, awarded by New Zealand’s largest retailer.

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Our Team

Meet the people behind Haunui International

Hugh D Algie


Douglas C Morrison

President - US Operations

Marco Huang

Manager - China Office

Rudy Zhu

China Office

Source and supply you can trust

Haunui International Ltd is a leader in the source and supply of consumer and industrial products. We have built our reputation on top quality products, comprehensive quality controls, ethical business practices, and most importantly delivering on our promises.

Two-time NZ Supplier of the Year

NZ Manufacturer of the Year

Offices in NZ, USA & China

Millions of products supplied each year